March 21, 2018

[Originally written 5/20/09]

Reliving what seems like the same broken patterns is futile, right?  When all other avenues have been explored, and all other possible excuses have been exhausted, the only explanation remaining - though not entirely plausible - appears to be past life repetition (I said it wasn't entirely plausible). It's as though somewhere in distant history, a great injustice was com...

October 12, 2017

[Originally written 9/9/2006]

I am so mildly inspired to write about the obscenely strange combination of surroundings around me right now, that I simply must try, if only todistract myself from the misery that has permeated my brain for the past 17 hours.

Here I am, 5:02pm on a Saturday evening, sitting in a coffee house in Albany with a giant - I mean GIANT - cup of chai latte to my right, my ipo...

August 29, 2017

[Originally posted January, 2011]

That, unfortunately, was one of the few tokens of wisdom I took away from Driver's Ed, circa 1991.

The goal was to use a catchy little phrase to remind tender 16-year-olds to look far in the distance while driving, as opposed to playing Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon with the steering wheel. Assuming it was just an obligatory lesson, I'm sure it was dismissed by most...

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