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October 9, 2017

[Originally written May 25, 2006]

He saw her hand reaching out of the water, just as her head was about to go under.
He pointed and stared, mesmerized by the horrible beauty.
He laughed when she said she liked the feeling of the caterpillar’s soft coat.
Told her she was a child, though not with words.
He had no regard her desire for life, her willingness to survive.
Discarded like yesterday’s trash,...

October 8, 2017

[Originally written Spring, 2003]

Silently she stands,
as spectacular beams of light radiate from her body in glasslike fingers that stretch past forever,
each brilliantly illuminated with passion and fervor of the dream's essence. 

Unscathed by internal conflicts that have raged beneath the surface for years,
she basks in its amorous glow
with the serenity of an infant, cradled in its mothers t...

October 8, 2017


[Originally written March, 1997)

Burning eyes invite passion.
Giving in to temptation I reach for the skin.
Tongues dance, twisted and intertwined.
Wet the neck and begin the rage.
Hands ravish quickly from my head, to my shoulders, to my breast,
stomach, thighs, ankles.
Never-ending sequence follows up and down.
I glide my hands over my lover's chest
Playfully teasing, tempting.
Down a smooth t...

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