Passion [poem]

October 8, 2017




[Originally written March, 1997)

Burning eyes invite passion.
Giving in to temptation I reach for the skin.
Tongues dance, twisted and intertwined.
Wet the neck and begin the rage.
Hands ravish quickly from my head, to my shoulders, to my breast,
stomach, thighs, ankles.
Never-ending sequence follows up and down.
I glide my hands over my lover's chest
Playfully teasing, tempting.
Down a smooth torso with tickling licks, being unfair to lustful desires.
Impure thoughts race mutually through rainbow-flavored minds.
I carry myself carefully through fields of impatience.
Hearts beat faster, hands grasp harder, breaths gasp deeper.
Insatiable urges build and plateau.
For one solitary minute, two become one in spirit and mind,
forming mercury puddles on frozen granite.
Bodies move in harmony, a marriage of brave and weak.
Sweet perspiration provides silky friction and signals the end of a journey.
With one last breath I lay in the shadow of my lover's glow.
Satisfied hearts link to each other and speak through the smoke in the air.

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