Unadulterated Boredom In Its Purest Form

October 8, 2017


[Originally written April 26, 2006]


I seriously must be caught in a freakishly garish space-time continuum right now. Caught in some deep vacuum of hellaciousness that keeps my being from being anything but productive or useful to the universal constraints surrounding me.


At this very moment, I am simply a human, being. 

I have clicked the inbox on my email, even tho a message clearly states I have no new mail.

I have given serious thoughts to organizing pens alphabetically, and then by color.

I have contemplated soaking a piece of paper in water, mashing it into a pulp, flattening it o


ut, and drying it in the sun....only in order to make another piece of paper.

Is there anything more futile than a leaf blower?

Do they ever make a safe kite out of metal or wire? Ever?

I have gotten pissed at people for being so lazy that they type "tho", instead of "though", even tho I do it.

Today, this is my life.
Just a human, being.

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October 9, 2017

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